I am Maria, 21 years old from the Philippines. A real filipina confidently beautiful with a heart. I can be kind but bad at times. I can be a loud but silent most of the times. You may think I seem to be someone who doesn’t care but I do. I notice everything and born very observant but trust me I ignore them all unless it affects me. I love music, it’s a passion but I am in a situation where I wanted to show people I can but I can’t, If you can guess what I mean. I play the guitar too.. I love writing as well that’s why I am here… It’s a passion too… I write songs and poems too… (I will be posting them here in the near future). It’s what keeps me from the rest of the world. Some days I would stay in my room for days and comes out only if I’m thirsty or hungry or needing a shower. I wanted to be an all out person but I wasn’t just born that way.

They say if you speak your dreams, exact dreams, the world will hear you and help you to get it. Have you heard that?

May the world forgive me for not seeing the signs.
Maybe seen them but I just ignored them
Forgive me If until now I couldn’t show the world who is me.
And may the ME forgive herself for being afraid to show who I really am.
This is not my life anymore, as a matter of fact I do think this is an unfair life and things that makes it fair is what makes it unfair.. Somebody out there knows exactly what is happening in my life, knows whats going to happen next and is just watching me…

and here I am not giving him a good show because, I’m always self-pitying, feeling so insecure, anxious, one-second happy and then sad. Because thoughts are eating me. sometimes, the only thing that destroys a person is what’s all running in his head.

we’re grinding, asking ourselves questions we knew only us could answer and there are days we just do what we do and not noticing the days have passed, and its another day again. not appreciating life, ending it like having a new phone but when its old and slow, we end up feeling like we need anew one. Which couldn’t apply at all in our lives. We will never get a new life unless we die. But we can always sleep tonight and wake up and start a fresh day. It is all in our head. Just how we think of things. By just how we think.

So we must think positively







The only person I talk to at nights of raging emotions and tapping my shoulders and says “its okay, it’ll all be fine, trust me” is GOD. trust Him

so if you wanna know me…
Are you ready for it?