Dear Moon, I’m so in-love with you..

Dear Human,

Did you notice the moon tonight? I loved it.

I do. I don’t love it only but I’m obsessed with it actually.

Every night you look at it, its way too beautiful I cant even describe. The crescent and the full moon. The moon.

My moon.

His beauty is beyond words I couldn’t even express…

and I can say I’m in a relationship with him.

An exclusive but one sided one, wherein I’m the only one who loves him.

Sometimes I think he follows me all the way home and as I come out of home at 4 am, he’s there picking me up all the way to work until the sun is about to rise..

and I wish that he is jealous because I spent my whole day with the sun.

(thinking about it makes me blush)

I love it. I’m in-love with the moon.

All that I feel I whisper to him

and all he do is listen

and that’s all I need.




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