the season to be jolly!

I’ts december Philippines… Cold and literally cold with coke solo. Ganun pa din! but there are lots of thing to feel great naman (reason ng di matanggap na single pa din sya).

Well not that excited much ako pero I’m glad that the year is almost over. Many has happened this year, truly highs and lows and thats normal. Una I graduated this year with bachelor degree and I’ve always wished to get a job right after and I did salamat sa nanay ko but it didn’t last though.

The year was full of pressure and frustration kasi and I know most of you are, too. Yung mga nagpapapayat, mataba pa din ba? kamusta diet? Yung mga nawawala. nahanap nyo na ba sarili nyo? Mga ganyang drama of life ba and it also happened to me so don’t fuss cuz “I know I’m not the only one” (Sam Smith song lol).¬†Para sa mga sawa na sa work or school (feel you bes), pero I have this realization just the other day, since bago palang naman ako sa corporate world, may shocking effects pa sakin even now, 6 months has passed since I had a job. Nasanay ako sa part na yung mga araw na walang pasok sa school, di ko matanggap na may pasok pala sa work. I cant! but then papasok pa din ako pero lamyalamya and so tamad, especially to days na umuulan my gad! you know how it feels when you at school waiting for suspension so you can go home and cuddle with your bed but I have work, so prioritizing is a must. I am aware of the fact na oo nga may pasok sila sa work siguro I just ignored it before. Ayun culture shockness akiz. Moving on, my realization is, my mama worked for 20 years of her life. Now that sounds horrible right?

Wala akong karapatang magreklamo na pagod, na nagsasawa na’ko, na ayoko na at give-up na’ko. WALA. Because my mother worked for 20 years at the same job without showing us she is tired. She even cook us food when she gets home, wash clothes and clean the house, of course with a little dakdak and litanya rattatat¬†pa yun but she does it. I love you so much mom.

ooh forgot to mention I have 7 siblings, 3 boys and 5 girls including me

… to be continued

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