is that what you call it?… Lurking?

I first heard this word on a Taylor Swift song, ours. The song is amazing you have to hear it! It’s old but still beautiful in my ears. (like who cares?)

Today I had a migraine. really irritating migraine

I’m currently at the office working and there is nothing in my head but the pain in my head.

So what i did is, I opened my facebook and watched random videos which I laughed at for about 15 minutes there are several videos there, some will make you laugh, and cry and think of whats happening to the world? and questioned them if that’s even real? or is that possible? which makes me realize right now.. that the pain in my head is gone.

I’m trying to feed my mind and soul right now with good words and positive vibes. By reading.

check this images below! read and reflect! its good for the soul x


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